Twitter Counter browser plugin delivers stats straight from your Twitter feed

Get stats and custom recommendations for every tweet in the Twitterverse, without even leaving Twitter.

Twitter Counter proudly announces the launch of a brand new browser plugin for Chrome, Firefox and Safari users, promising to forever change the way you tweet. All Twitter users can now get stats on the performance of every tweet in their Twitter feed while getting personalized recommendations on how to improve on their own tweeting.

The Twitter Counter browser plugin can be a useful tool to all Twitter users. On the one hand, Twitter newbies can benefit from the personalized recommendations on how to improve their tweeting. 

On the other hand, marketers get insights and recommendations not only on how their own content is performing but also on the tweets of competitors, industry leaders and influencers in their field. 

And all this delivered in a concise way, straight from the user's Twitter feed. 

How it works

After the plugin is installed, an “Analyze” option will appear below each tweet in the user's Twitter feed. Once clicked, the tweet unfolds revealing statistics and recommendations.

For the user’s own tweets

First, there is a breakdown of the tweet's performance based on a number of factors such as the number of hashtags, links and images, followed by custom recommendations to help the users improve their tweeting.

At the last section, there is a graph of interaction which compares the engagement rate (retweets and favorites) of this particular tweet to the last 5 as well as the next 5 tweets of the user. There is also an overview of the average number of tweets the user is posting, and the average number of retweets and favorites the user gets per tweet.

For tweets by other users

Similar to the user’s own tweets, there is a breakdown of the tweet's performance followed by custom recommendations to help that improve his or hers tweeting habits. User’s can also interact by retweeting this specific tweet or by tweeting the tweet’s to the user they’re checking.

"It made so much sense to move the stats we produce from our site straight into Twitter through the browser that we wondered why we hadn’t come up with this idea earlier. Once you install the plugin and use it for a few days it seems to become a natural extension of Twitter itself. We are already working on new features that will integrate our suggestions for better tweets into other sections of the site. We are very excited about the prospect of having our stats embedded into " Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, co-founder of Twitter Counter
"The Twitter Counter plugin gives you in-depth data on your own tweets and those of others, making it the perfect tool to hone your tweeting skills, appeal to a bigger audience and gather a larger following. We are constantly updating our algorithm based on the latest studies and findings, to ensure that we can give you top notch recommendations." Joey van Ommen, front-end developer and designer at Twitter Counter
About Twitter Counter

Twitter Counter is a social analytics company headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Based on traffic metrics, it is the leading global stats provider for Twitter accounts, providing free statistics over 350 million Twitter accounts. It is also a top tier Twitter marketing tool providing deep Twitter marketing analytics to brands and agencies.